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Meaning ‘green gold’ in Portuguese, Ouro Verde Quartz is named for its vivid yellow chartreuses; yellow with a splash of green similar in color to yellow chartreuse liqueur. Created in 1838, saffron colored yellow chartreuse is more yellow than chartreuse (a color between yellow and green, similar to Peridot) that was first made by Carthusian monks in 1764 at the Grande Chartreuse monastery in Voiron.

This Ouro Verde Quartz hue is unique to Brazil’s Boca Rica mine, a very old Aquamarine mine that ironically hasn’t yielded any Aquamarine in approximately five years. Ouro Verde Quartz has the beauty of the very popular Citrine colors but with that something extra; there is no other Quartz gemstone like it and the common comparison to Peridot or rare forms of Apatite, makes Ouro Verde Quartz a very affordable alternative, while remaining rare and collectable in its own right.

Just The Facts

Quartz is one of the largest gemstone groups and is extremely popular worldwide. Although Quartz is a very common mineral and can be easily found, top qualities and rarer types are still collectable.

There are two main varieties of Quartz but both share the same chemical - silicon dioxide. Macrocrystalline Quartz is mostly transparent and Cryptocrystalline Quartz, with microscopically small crystals, is usually more opaque or translucent.

A fine Quartz is transparent, which means, the light passes the stone unhindered. A translucent Quartz slightly weakens the passage of the light through the stone. The best quality Quartz is "clean", free of inclusions of any kind. Ouro Verde Quartz should offer you great transparency and also offer fantastic brilliance and sparkle.

Quartz is a hard gemstone and therefore suitable for every day wear.

Buying Tips

Brazil is not only home to much of the world’s Quartz gems, but by default, also home to some of the world’s best Quartz lapidaries; cutting is the key to unlocking the full beauty and brilliance of the unique Ouro Verde Quartz. The ideal gemstone will have the blend of yellows and greens, have eye clean clarity, great brilliance and lustre and all of this can be accentuated by great cutting. Whether a large cocktail piece of Jewelry or an everyday piece, if cut correctly, the quality of Ouro Verde Quartz is good enough to suit all sizes and cuts of the gemstone you desire.

Hardness 7
Refractive Index 1.544 – 1.553
Relative Density 2.64 – 2.69