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The GemGuys

About Gemguys®

The GemGuys® (Don, Kat, Kfir, Gavin and Tony), scour the face of the earth in their quest for precious gemstones. With over 70 year’s collective experience in the international gem trade, they bring you the very best gemstones direct from the mine.

But how did the GemGuys® become the GemGuys®? With over 20 years’ experience in the gemstone and jewelry industry, Don Kogen is the leader of the GemGuys®. His lifetime passion for gemstones started when he arrived at the regional gem hub of Chanthaburi, Thailand in the 80s as a 13-year-old,having dropped out of high school a year before. Don slowly made his way in the gem world until 1998 when he bought a computer and started selling gemstones online.

With massive growth on the horizon, Don called on his trusted childhood friend, Kfir (Fear) Gershonowitz to join him in Thailand, following Fears time in the military. An experienced gemstone buyer with over 15 year’s in the biz, Fear not only has extensive knowledge in trading gemstones, but is also proficient at selecting raw gemstone crystals. Fears other role involves protecting the team and the cash. With two friends together again, the team that would eventually become the GemsGuys® had laid strong foundations.

The next GemGuys® to join the team was Gavin Linsell, an Australian gemstone writer, gem expert and gemstone adventurer. Gavin’s professional love affair with gemstones started over 15 years ago under the shadow of KhaoPloiWaen, ‘the mountain of gemstone rings’ in Chanthaburi, Thailand, when he was brought onboard by Don.

Friends with the guys for years, renowned Brazilian gem expert, lapidary and colorful raconteur, Tony Diniz, was the next logical addition to the expanding team, joining a month after Gavin. Hailing from Governador Valadares, the gemstone capital of Brazil, Tony, like all the GemGuys®, has travelled extensively to gem markets and mining centers in Africa, Asia, North America and South America. Tony is the ‘money man’, one of his great skiils is having an eye for a deal, Tony ensures the numbers work and that the GemGuys® will make money.

Last, but certainly not least, Kat Florence is a jewelry designer who has always been inspired by art, design, literature, and music. Kat’s jewelry reflects her eclectic background as a global traveler living in America, Canada, Australia and Thailand. Don’s fascination for acquiring the most exotic, rare and unique gemstones encouraged Kat to fulfill her destiny, Kat has worked very closely with Don for many years prior to officially joining the GemGuys® in 2013.

The Gemguys® have bases all across the world, including, UK, Thailand, Hong Kong and Brazil, but the main HQ is situated in Houston, TX.

Meet The GemGuys